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First Month Of Personal OKRs In The Bag

As I talked about in my 2020 blog post, I set some personal OKRs for myself this year. Well the first month is in the bag and here's a quick writeup of what went well, what went poorly, what I learned so far.

The longer term OKRs

There are two things I'm tracking which are do-it-once-per-quarter things and I got those done right out of the gate!

The first one was around doing a reasonably serious fast each quarter. I used the Prolon FMD kit and did 5 days straight of pretty extreme caloric restriction. It was a bit of a rollercoaster but all-in-all much easier than I thought it was going to be. I did a write up about that here.

The other one was traveling to a new place. We took the kids to do a few days in Boone, NC this time. It was great to get out into nature a bit more and tool around the town as well. The quick vacation also ended up helping me immediately tackle the read one book per month item 🙌🙌🙌.

The daily "actively do" OKRs

I didn't do too well here. I managed to work out enough but did not do mobility work, get 8 hours of sleep, meditate, or practice guitar as much as I had hoped to. Two things I learned + changes I have planned:

The daily "don't do" OKRs

Committing to cut back on drinking and sugary drinks (outside of social situations of course) actually led to a dramatic reduction. It used be pretty normal to have 2-3 glasses of wine at night and knowing that it would set back my OKR performance prevented me from doing that on many occasions. I used to get a soda or lemonade every time we had fast food but did so considerably less.

My take so far

"What gets measured gets managed". I can feel myself making the right choices (don't drink that, turn of the TV and go to bed) because I know I'm going to have to record it. It hasn't been too much of a burden to track either - I just quickly record how I did before bed each night in Google Sheets.

Excited to see how this experiment continues to develop!

Once per quarter I send out a newsletter that has some person updates and a round-up of any posts from the past three months.