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Struggling in a post-Covid world

To be honest we are struggling. I'm whining but it's just fucking hard to get anything done cooped up with a one year and almost three year old. Caroline and I started a more defined "shifts" routine where I get 8-12 off and she gets 12-4 off which has helped but I have this constant level of stress around not getting enough done.

It's not healthy but I look around and see people (who I know don't have kids) just jamming and I can't help but feel a little angry and a sense that it's not fair. Oh to be human.

To cope we've been drinking heavily and eating whatever we want. I'm about 1/3 of the way through putting on the covid-19.

Since we're considering just surviving a success these days, I put the Personal OKRs experiment on hold in the middle of March. I think I probably could have just dialed it back instead of tossing the whole thing aside, so I'm going to start back up w/ a modified version in May.

It feels like the world is on pause, so I've been spending some time putting together playbooks on startup things. Most of them are just a collection of notes or stubs but the Landing Pages and Content Marketing ones are starting to get fleshed out decently well. My goal for them is as much internal as external - I think they're good pieces of content but they also helping to organize the thought soup on the subjects as well.

Once per quarter I send out a newsletter that has some person updates and a round-up of any posts from the past three months.