Steve Klein

Hey there! I'm Steve.

I'm a startup jack-of-all-trades with a focus on B2B SaaS. I'm first and foremost a product person, but I have a passion for UI design, new-user onboarding, marketing sites, and community.

I write about all my thoughts on building startups in the playbooks section of my website.

My primary work experience has been co-founding We started the company in late 2012, did YC in the summer of 2013, and were acquired by Atlassian in 2016.

In college, I co-founded a company called Sound Around which was acquired by ReverbNation. Most recently I worked at LaunchNotes were I did a bit of product and marketing work and then started the Launch Awesome community and grew it to ~ 600 Product people.

I'm also a co-organizer of Raleigh-Durham Startup Week (April 9-12) - it's free so sign up and come on out!

I write a quarterly newsletter with some personal updates and a round-up of any blog posts I've written since the last one. I'll try to be as respectful to your inbox as possible.

Get in touch at stklein89 [at] gmail [dot] com or grab some time.