I had the opportunity to interview some great Product and Marketing folks during my time running the Launch Awesome community.

April Dunford, author of Obviously Awesome

I talked to April Dunford (the queen of Positioning) about how to reinforce positioning through product launches.

John Cutler, one of the GOATs of Product

I talked to John about how to think about product strategy, measuring progress on your strategy with the North-Star Framework, and prioritizing day-to-day work with OKRs.

James Hawkins, CEO of Posthog

I talked to James about how they found product market fit after pivoting several times, how they support 23,000 customers through a community without a dedicated support team, tips for prioritizing roadmap items, and the delicate balance of performance improvements and new functionality.

Ramli John, author of Product-led Onboarding

I talked to Ramli John (author of Product-led Onboarding) about how to build a world-class new user onboarding experience.

Justin Gallagher, fmr Head of Product at Trello and current co-founder of Hoop

I talked to Justin about how synchronous work and communication in a remote company is a recipe for burnout. Teams should work more asynchronously by having better documentation around how to get work done, and by communicating with more intentional long-form written content.

Dave Schools, VP of Multi-product Growth @ Hopin

I talked to Dave about Hopin’s journey acquiring and building new products to unlock their next phase of growth.

Andy McCotter-Bicknell, Competitive Intel @ Clickup

I talked to Andy about how competitive research can help sharpen your product strategy, and how to effectively do it at your company.

James Doman-Pipe and Alicia Carney, PMMs extraordinaire

James and Alicia tell the story of how the launch of Kayako 2.0 brought their growth to a screeching halt. Over the next six months they went back to the drawing board positioning, pricing, and onboarding to get things back on track.

Andrea Saez, queen of roadmaps!

I talked to Andrea about roadmaps, release timelines, and how product teams can better communicate their plans with the people that care.

Graham Reed, Head of Product Ops @ Cobalt

I talked to Graham Reed about his experience standing up and scaling product ops at his most recent two companies.

Josh Herzig-Marx, coach and mentor for PMs

I talked to Josh about about the new things you’ll be expected to do when transitioning to a Product Leadership role, and how you can accel at them.

Andy Yeo, Startup Advisor and Product Guy

I talked to Andy Yeo about his experience transitioning the Product team at Airbyte to doing continuous discovery.